Keeping your property tidy and clean and all its amenities functional is ultimately your responsibility, but we are always here to help our members!
Each property gets a free monthly cleaning – 1 per month if the property has five or less rooms, and 2 per month if there are more than five rooms in the property. These expenses are covered by the Club Management.
If you feel like this free monthly service isn’t enough, you and your flatmates may request a cleaning service and altogether share the cost of £15 per hour.
Each property has a right of one free maintenance service per month, but you can also request one at any time for £45 per hour by reporting the issue at hand. After a full report of the maintenance issue has been sent, the maintenance contractor will be responsible to fix said issue. Please note that the handymen hired by Club Management are third party contractors.
Club management will cover all maintenance costs and expenses arising at the Club properties caused by fair wear and tear, by natural causes or by misfortune; as long as the damage is not intentional, careless or caused by members or their guests’ negligence.
You, as a member of the Club and resident of the property, must take care not to damage the property, its furniture, appliances or fixtures, and if a damage or failure in the property does arise, you must report it immediately take all reasonable steps to avoid further damages. False or misleading reports will be fined
We are updating our Privacy policy in light of the European General Data Protection regulation due to take effect on the 25th of May 2018. Any previous terms are now replaced by these new data protection updates. For details check the link here.
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