1.0 The license

1.1 In consideration to the obligations of the Club Members referred to in this agreement, the Club Management grants to the Club Member (in common with the Club, the Club Management, other Club Members and all others authorised by the Club Management) a license to occupy any Club Property, subject to availability and under written approval by the Club Management.
1.2 For the duration of the Club Membership, Club Members have the right to elect and stay in the Club rooms within their Membership level, subject to availability and under written approval of the Club Management.
1.3 Club Members and their Guests are not entitled to make use of any bedroom outside of their level of Club Membership, without the Club Management's prior approval during the course of their membership. Unauthorized use of Club properties and bedrooms will constitute a gross breach and lead to immediate termination.
1.4 Club Members may cancel their Club Membership at any time subject to written notice of 30 days to Club Management. (see clause 30.2.1)

2.0 Communication

2.1 All correspondence between the parties regarding this Club Membership shall be carried out via the following platform:
Club management:
The Club Management helpline is: 02034112091. This is open during business hours (stated below) for general enquiries.
2.2 Club Members shall request an appointment before visiting the Club Management offices. Our business hours are:
Monday to Friday: 9:30 - 18:30
Saturday: 11:00 - 15:30
2.3 Outside of business hours, and only in the case of an emergency, Club Members are instructed to contact strictly by text the Club Management on the number 07891592571. Reporting a matter which is not an emergency on this line will carry a penalty fee of £25.
Emergencies include:

  • Security breaches
  • Fire
  • Major water leak
  • Total lack of power or water supply
  • Lockouts
  • Any life threatening situations
All Club Members should be aware that they should always call the emergency services on 999 with any life threatening or fatal scenarios.

3.0 Payment

3.1 The joining fee is non-refundable.
All Club Memberships carry a joining fee, the fee will depend on the number of persons:
" .chr(163) ."200 one person; " .chr(163) ."300 two people
*Discounts may be available for starter levels of the Basic Membership.
3.1.1 If you wish to upgrade to a dual Club Membership you can do so by paying the following charge of £50. For this to take place you must book and attend a meeting at our head office. Both the existing and new Club Member must be present and payment must be made on that day, assuming the new Club Member is eligible a new Agreement will be drafted and signed.
3.1.2 If you have a dual Club Membership and one of the Club Members wishes to leave the Agreement, it is possible to swap said Club Member for another, be that a new Club Member or and existing one. For this to take place you must book and attend a meeting at our head office, and pay a fee of £50. All 3 parties involved in this arrangement must be present at this meeting and assuming the new person wishing to enter the dual Club Membership is eligible, a new Agreement will be drafted and signed.
3.2 The Club Membership fee equals the Monthly Contribution and will be repurchased by the club at the end of the Club Membership (see clause 30.1).
3.3 Monthly Contributions are payable once a month as per your Payment Agreement.
3.4 The check-out cleaning and maintenance fee will be charged at the time of check-out at the below rates: £40 for a one-person Club Membership; £65 for a two persons Club Membership.
3.5 Should a Club Member change their Club Membership Level, Monthly Contribution amounts and dates will change and a new Payment Agreement will be created.
3.6 Proportional payments for Monthly Contributions are determined and calculated using the following formula: Monthly Contribution divided by 30 and multiplied by amount of days.
3.7 Unless previously agreed by the Club Management, late payments of the Monthly Contribution will carry additional charges which will be applied daily, starting at £15 on the first day and £10 for every consecutive day thereafter. After the 7 th day the Club will terminate the Club Membership (see clause 30.3).
3.8 Club Members are not entitled to fund any part of their Payment Obligations to the Club with housing benefits. Any failure on this regard will lead to automatic termination (see clause 30.4 and 9.4).
3.9 Payment charges applied to the Club, by banks and other institutions, which are passed to the Club Members are as follows:

  • Cash payments into the Clubs UK bank account will have a 5% surcharge. To avoid this charge, Club Members must make any cash payment at the Clubs offices or via bank transfer.
  • Any costs charged on international transfers are borne by the Club Member.
  • Payments received in foreign currencies will have a surcharge of 1%.
*Bank transfers and cash payments made directly at the Clubs office will not carry any charges.
3.10 Discounts are applied by the Club Management for a specific term. If the Club Membership is terminated early, for whatever reason, the discount will be deducted from the Club Members balance.

4.0 Relocation and Club Membership upgrades/downgrades

4.1 A relocation or a variation of Club Membership Level will require 24 hours' notice through the platform: (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays).
4.2 Any request to move to a specific room will be subject to availability and written approval by the Club Management. For a relocation or Club Membership upgrade/downgrade request, an appointment will be required at the Clubs office with a member of our Club Management team. This will formalise the relocation, exchange keys and provide Club Property information. To request an appointment, contact the Club Management through the platform. Please turn up on time to avoid further charges. When joining the Club, Club Members will have their first relocation free of charge. All relocations after the first 7 days of Club Membership or any subsequent relocation will carry a fee of £50. If a Club Member requests a relocation and confirms a change of property but later changes their mind, a fee of £100 will be applied.
4.2.1 Club Members upgrading their Club Membership will be required to supplement their initial Club Membership Fees in advance.
4.2.2 If a Club Member moves to a lower level of Club Membership and generates a positive balance, the surplus will be deducted from the next payment.
4.3 Club Members will only be entitled to move to a new room of the Club Membership level after meeting the following conditions:

  • They sign a new Payment Agreement with Club Management
  • They return previous Property keys to the Club Management.
  • They have paid both their adjusted Club Membership fee, the administration/cleaning fee and their first new Monthly Contribution.
4.4 Club Members are entitled to request rooms currently occupied by paying a takeover fee to the Club Member in residence, which will be equivalent to two monthly contributions. The takeover Club Member shall pay all fees in advance to the Club Management, hereby those fees will be transferred by the Club Management to the Club Member in residence at time of check-out.

5.0 Club Membership renewals and referrals

5.1 Assuming the Club Member has complied with Club terms and conditions, they can renew their Club Membership by providing 30 days notice to the Club Management. Yearly renewals will be free of charge. The Club Management retains the right to apply new Club Membership charges on renewals under 12 months.
5.2 All Club Memberships commenced under a discounted Club Membership fee will require a full months rental contribution top up following the end of the promotional period which is to be confirmed by the Club Management.
5.3 Club Members will have the option to refer people to the Club. For every newly joined person introduced by a Club Member, the Club Member will receive vouchers to the value of £100 which can be used to pay relocation and early termination charges. The Club reserves the right to accept or deny referrals of potential Club Members.

6.0 Induction / Check-in

6.1 Induction shall be arranged by the Club subject to:
6.1.1 Payment of all due monies.
6.1.2 Signature of the Membership Agreement by all parties.
6.1.3 Signature of a Payment Agreement.
6.1.4 The presentation of a valid ID for EU citizens or a valid visa for non-EU citizens.
6.2 Keys will be provided at the induction appointment. The member agrees to move-in in the Club Management properties not before 5 oclock on the day after the induction appointment. If the member fail to do so, a charge of £50 will be added to the the check-in installment for failing to comply with the Club Managements terms and conditions.
6.3 Club Members must take a photographic inventory of the Club Property on first arrival, the bedroom must be adequately photographed for our records. All photographs must be sent to the Club Management through the platform, any pre-existing damage or maintenance issues within the Club Property bedrooms must be reported 48 hours from the move-in date and will be dealt with accordingly. Failure to provide reports of this kind within the deadline stated above may result in additional charges. Such charges will be payable by the Club Member on check out.
6.4 Before induction, the Club will introduce you by email to other Club Members. The Club will provide your first name, nationality, occupation and picture. The Club Member authorises the Club to disclose such information by signing this agreement which shall represent the Club Members consent to the release of the above information.

7.0 Check Out

7.1 Club Members should provide 30 days notice on the platform should they wish to terminate their Club Membership (see clause 30.2.1).
7.2 Club Members must check-out of the property by 11:00 am on the agreed check out date. Failure to do so shall constitute a Gross Breach to this Membership Agreement. Club Management will apply a late check-out fee of £25, should the Member request and is approved to vacate the property latest by 3.00PM.
7.3 To avoid further maintenance and cleaning charges, Club Members must make a photographic inventory of all parts of their bedroom before leaving the premises in order to support any claim on the condition of the premises at check-out time.
7.4 Club Members will be charged repair costs of damaged furniture and fittings. These charges will exclude wear and tear.
7.5 Club Members must return their keys on check out by leaving them in the internal post box in the Club Property or returning them to the Club Management at the Club office. Failure to do so will carry a charge of £25 for each day the keys have not been returned.
7.6 Club Management, its agents and other Club Members authorised by the Club reserve the right to carry out viewings on occupied bedrooms without notice during the 30 days before check-out. As courtesy and in order for the Club Member to keep the bedroom/s tidy and presentable, the Club will provide 24 hours notice to Club Members in residence. Failure to assist or comply with the terms will be considered a Gross Breach.
7.7 Early terminations between July 15th and September 1st will carry an additional £100 out of season fee.
7.8 Early terminations between December 10th and January 7th will carry an additional £200 out of season fee.

8.0 Club Management

8.1 Club Management, its contractors and its agents must be treated with respect at all times. Any verbal or physical threat or abuse will constitute a Gross Breach and will be treated with severity and carry serious consequences.
If you have any complaints about a member of our team or a contractor, you should refer them to our head office in writing, at the address below:
Serious Complaints
Unit B
15-18 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PD
8.2 If you wish for the opportunity to join our team, Club Members have the option to start as Head Flatmate within their Club Property. There may also be the opportunity to join Club Management team, on a paid or unpaid basis, dependent on experience and availability. For more information please contact us through the platform expressing your interest.

9.0 Breaches and Penalties

9.1 In a community of over a 1000 Club Members, unfortunately charges and penalties are necessary to maintain order and control over Club Properties.
9.1.1 All penalties will be imposed fairly and when considered necessary by the Club. Circumstances will be analysed carefully and will be based on evidence. Club Members will have the option to dispute penalties at all times by providing sufficient evidence accompanied with a valid and detailed argument via email to the Club Management.Penalties will be imposed and waived strictly at the discretion of the Club Management.
9.2 Any legal, repair, maintenance, compensation, administrative and other costs arising from the Club Members breach of this agreement, negligence or misconduct will be charged accordingly to Club Members.
9.3 Penalties will be invoiced within 24 hours after being applied and will be added to the next monthly contribution bill.
9.4 Gross Breaches will incur a £200 charge and shall lead to immediate termination which will carry further charges. Gross Breaches are acts of gross misconduct, acts of bad faith, wilful or intentional damage and gross negligence with criminal/illegal implications.
9.5 Where a Gross Breach can be clearly attributed to one Club Member in a Club Property, said Club Member shall pay all of the costs set out in this clause. If attribution cannot be made, all costs will be shared equally between the all Club Members residing at the Club Property.
9.6 The Club Management and the Club Member agree not to apply or dispute any fee or claim any Gross Breach without first making an effort in good faith to remedy the situation, directly between both parties.

10.0 Access

10.1 The Club Management reserves the right to enter any Club Property or bedroom without notice at any time. As courtesy the Club Management will endeavour, through all possible means available, to provide 24 hours notice to Club Members before entering an occupied bedroom.
10.2 Club Members shall not prevent Club Management personnel or their agents from exercising any of their rights to enter the Club Property. Failure to do so may lead to immediate termination.
10.3 The Club Management will inspect the Club Property every month. A courtesy notice of 24 hours will be provided before inspection allowing Club Members to clean, repair and rectify the Club Property where necessary to avoid any Gross Breaches and incur any charges.
10.4 Club Members may secure occupied bedrooms by installing a padlock with a code but they must provide the Club Management with the code in order for the Club Management to gain access to the occupied bedroom when needed. Failure to do so will carry a charge of £45 and further maintenance charges may apply should a contractor be required to gain access to a locked bedroom.
10.5 Club Members shall ensure that maintenance and cleaning contractors required to resolve a maintenance issue can access the Club Property or bedroom at any point between 08:30AM and 19.30PM Monday to Friday, and 9:00AM to 17:00PM on weekends and bank holidays. Should maintenance contractors fail to gain access from a Club Member, breach of this clause will carry a charge of £45.
10.6 Club Members shall not provide access to any third parties who do not hold keys to the Club Property, unless requested by the Club Management.
10.7 The Club Management reserve the right to enter the Club Property and occupied rooms after social hours in case of emergencies.

11.0 Conduct

11.1 Club Members must not use the Club Property or surrounding areas in such a way that causes any nuisance, damage, disturbance or interference to other Club Members as well as any adjoining or neighbouring areas including their owners, occupiers or users. Club Members must keep music levels or any other inappropriate noise coming from the Club Property to a minimum between the hours of 11:00PM and 7:30AM. Failure to respect this may lead to termination due to a Gross Breach.

12.0 Cleaning

12.1 The cleaning rate is £5 per hour, per Club Member, with a minimum charge of £15 which will be split among the Club Members occupying the Club Property should there be less than 3 in residence.
12.2 Club Properties with five rooms or less will benefit from a cleaning service once a month at the Club Managements expense.
12.3 Club Properties with more than five rooms will benefit from a cleaning service twice a month at the Club Managements expense.
12.4 Bedrooms occupied by Club Members will be cleaned at no additional expense as long as the Club Members who reside in the occupied bedroom/bedrooms are present at the Club Property at the time the cleaning contractors arrive. Bedrooms should be accessible and free of belongings, excluding wardrobes and chest of drawers, prior to the cleaning contractors visit.
12.5 The Club takes no responsibility for lost items during the cleaning contractors visits.

13.0 Club Members cleaning responsibilities

13.1 Club Members must keep the Club Property and occupied bedrooms in good, tidy conditions at all times. Failure to comply with this clause will carry a minimum charge of £10 per Club Member in residence. If further cleaning is required the costs will be shared between all Club Members in the Club Property equally. In addition to this all Club Members will also be responsible for any losses to the Club that are incurred by failure to comply with this clause and will be charged accordingly.
13.2 Club Members have the option to request a cleaning service at any time which will be charged at £5 per hour, per Club Member. Costs will be equally shared amongst all Club Members residing in the Club Property and invoiced accordingly (see clause 12.0 – 12.5).
13.3 Club Members are responsible of purchasing and using their own cleaning products.
13.4 Should Club Members realise that a specific Club Member fails to follow the cleaning terms, they should report it to the Club Management. Reports will be strictly confidential.
13.5 Club Members shall dispose of waste only in the designated waste disposal areas in each Club Property. Club Members must clear all waste from the Club Property in accordance with the waste collection services provided by the local council. Failure to comply with these expectations may result in a Gross Breach (see clause 9.4).
13.6 Club Members must not leave any unnecessary personal belongings in the communal areas and in no circumstances should they be obstructing any fire exits.
13.7 Club Members who have requested a cleaning service must provide Club Management with photographic proof that the property was dirty at the time of request, taking into account that the cleaning bill will be shared among all those residing in the Club Property. When sending the bill, the Club is required to provide evidence as to why the cleaner was sent.

14.0 Maintenance

14.1 The maintenance rates are applicable as follows: £45 per hour plus material costs during normal working hours and £95 per hour plus materials after 6:00PM, Sundays and bank holidays.
14.2 Club Management will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Club Property is fit for occupation and the basic services are kept in good and working conditions.
14.3 Maintenance contractors hired by Club Management are responsible for resolving maintenance issues. Maintenance reports will be acted on immediately. Club Management will cover all maintenance costs and expenses arising at the Club properties caused by fair wear and tear, by natural causes or by misfortune (providing the damage is not intentional careless or caused by Club Members or their guests negligence).
14.4 After receiving a complete and timely notification of any maintenance issues, the maintenance contractor will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the problem is fixed within: - Up to 5 working days for emergencies including restoring basic services (water, hot water, heating and electricity), resolving security breaches, unclogging unusable bathrooms/sinks and stopping big leaks. - Up to 10 working days for less urgent issues such as lack of electricity and lighting on partial parts of the Club Property, dealing with humidity and filtrations, fixing or replacing washing machines, fridges and cookers, repairing windows, doors, etc. - Up to 15 working days to solve non-essential maintenance requests such as adding latches to doors, fitting curtains, replacing furniture and dealing with any other non-urgent maintenance issues.
14.5 After the above deadlines have passed, Club Members will be entitled to request a free relocation and the Club Management will waive all relocation charges.
14.6 Where the Club Property requires major repairs or alterations, Club Management will relocate Club Members to another room at their level of Club Membership. Acknowledgement: Club Members shall not be entitled to a refund or deduction of their Club Membership fee or Monthly Contributions outside the above provisions.

NOTE: If your problem is not resolved, please report it again. We take every precaution to ensure that every issue is addressed and resolved. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, occasionally a request might get lost in the system. Club Members are required to take care of minor maintenance issues themselves e.g. changing light bulbs etc.

15.0 Club Members' maintenance responsibilities

15.1 Club Members shall use all their endeavours to prevent any damage to the Club Property including its furniture, appliances, fixtures and fittings by keeping the Club Property clean, ventilated and in good condition at all times.
15.2 Any damage or maintenance issue that cannot be solved or prevented by the Club Members should be reported immediately and in full to the Club Management. Failure to report any issues will be considered negligence and the Club Member will be accountable for any repair charges or possible Gross Breaches to their Club Membership.
15.3 To report a maintenance issue, please use the platform and follow the necessary steps. A report is only valid when Club Members are provided with a report number which the Club Members are required to have on request by the Club Management.
15.4 Any maintenance issues caused by negligence, intentional or careless misuse/misconduct will be charged in full to the Club Member. This includes, but is not limited to, sinks clogged with food; toilets clogged with sanitary towels, baby wipes or other items; washing machines broken due to items left in clothes pockets etc.
15.5 Club Members will take all reasonable steps to avoid further damages after a maintenance issue in the Club Property has been discovered. These steps include, but are not limited to: turning off the gas, water, electricity supply or taking any action that can limit the damage caused by leaks, electric circuits etc.
15.6 Club Members must collaborate with Club Management and maintenance contractors on the resolution of maintenance issues, for example contacting upstairs neighbours should the Club Property start leaking from the ceiling. Should the Club Members be unable to collaborate, the Club will send a Property Management Agent to the Club Property and a charge of £45 will be applied and shared between all Club Members residing at the Club Property.
15.7 In case of a wrong or misleading maintenance request, for example calling the maintenance team to fix a washing machine that has been disconnected but yet is fully functional, Club Members shall cover the call out costs, starting at £45. Club Members may cancel a maintenance request by providing a formal notice to the Club Management of at least 6 hours' prior the contractors attendance.
15.8 Club Members agree to be present at the Club Property in order to receive deliveries or to admit contractors and tradesmen into the Club Property.

16.0 Furniture

16.1 Club Properties come fully furnished. Club Members can request additional furniture by paying 50% of the below value and the Club will pay the remaining 50%. All furniture purchased in accordance with this schedule shall remain in the Club Property after this Membership Agreement has terminated.
16.2 The Club Property is furnished with the following items:

  • Cooker
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Washing machine
  • Kettle
  • Oven
  • Vacuum Cleaner
Most Club Properties have flatware but the Club does not necessarily provide them.
16.3 The bedrooms consist of:
  • One bed per room - 1 double bed with mattress for double rooms, 1 single bed with mattress for single rooms and 2 single beds with mattresses for twin rooms.
  • One wardrobe - 2 for double rooms or twin rooms, 1 for single rooms.
  • One chest of drawers.
  • One desk and one chair (where space allows).
16.3.1 Club Members are not permitted to ever bring a secondary mattress (regular, inflatable or other) into the Club Property. Failure to comply with this is considered a Gross Breach to the Club Membership.
16.3.2 No furniture is to be removed without prior authorisation from the Club Management. If a Club Member requests furniture to be removed, a fee starting at £25.00 will be applied.
16.4 Items which are not included in the above list, are not included in the Club Properties and although some Club Properties may include items like dishwashers and most Club Properties will have curtains, the Club does not directly provide them.
16.5 The cost of all furniture is as follows and includes delivery and installation costs:
  • Double bed: £140
  • Double Mattress: £80
  • Double Base: £60
  • Single bed: £120
  • Single Mattress: £70
  • Single Base: £50
  • Wardrobe: £80
  • Chest of Drawers: £65
  • Desk: £35
  • Chair: £15
  • Curtains: £40
  • Oil Heaters: £40
16.6 Furniture delivery may take up to 15 working days to arrive. The Club Member requesting the furniture is responsible to provide access to the Club Property at the time of delivery and, if necessary, help in delivering the furniture into the Club Property

17.0 Heating

17.1 In the absence of a central heating system in the Club Property bedrooms, the Club shall provide an electric oil filled radiator of up to 800W for all single and double rooms containing double glazing. An electric oil filled radiator of up to 1500W will be provided in all large double rooms and double rooms that do not contain double glazing.
17.2 Complying with health and safety regulations and in order to prevent excess energy consumption, Club Members can only use oil filled radiators at the Club Properties. Failure to comply with this clause is a Gross Breach to the Club Membership.

18.0 Appliances

18.1 Club Members are responsible for the maintenance and replacement of all white goods (fridges, freezers, washing machines, hoovers etc.), cooking appliances, light bulbs and CO2/smoke alarm batteries within the occupied Club Property.
18.2 Misuse of appliances such as using metal containers in the microwave, leaving the door of the freezer open or putting clothes with solid items to the washing machine will be considered negligence and will be charged in full to all Club Members residing in the Club Property.
18.3 Members will pay 100% of the value of any extra white goods requested. All appliances purchased in accordance with the list above shall remain in the Club Property after this Agreement has terminated.

19.0 Mould

19.1 Club Members undertake to actively protect the Club Property against mould. This includes wiping down any condensation that forms inside the Club Property and keeping the Club Property adequately ventilated.
19.2 Club Members should report to the Club Management immediately if they become aware of any mould or mildew that may appear within the Club Property.
19.3 Club Management will provide Club Members with maintenance contractors' support and an adequate budget to acquire mould cleaning products in order to prevent its expansion.
19.4 Club Management will charge Club Members all reasonable costs incurred in the process of removing mould from the Club Property should the Club Members have failed to report or control it.

20.0 Pests

20.1 Club Members are required to keep the Club Property clean and keep the doors closed in order to avoid any ants, mice, cockroaches and other type vermin/pests.
20.2 Should the problem appear to not be related with the Club Property cleanliness and order, the Club will pay for the necessary treatment as long as the Club Members have complied with Club requests. If the existing pest problem is directly related to the cleanliness and order of the Club Property, Club Members will be charged in full for the treatment and the cost will be divided between them equally. Treatments start at £100.
20.3 In the unlikely case of a bed bug infestation in a bedroom, the affected Club Member will pay for 50% of the treatment and the Club will pay the other 50%. Treatments start at £60 per infected bedroom. Should furniture changes be required, Club Members will pay 50% of the original cost (See clause 16.0).
20.4 In the event of a bed bug infestation, the Club will perform a preventive treatment of the whole Club Property and all Club Members are fully responsible to follow the Club Management requests for all areas, including rooms that are not yet affected. Failure to do so will constitute a Gross Breach to the Membership Agreement.
20.5 Should a Club Member be knowingly aware of a bed bug infestation and relocates to another Club Property without reporting the pest infection, it will be considered a Gross Breach to their Membership Agreement which will lead to immediate termination (see clause 9.4). In order to prevent a bed bug infestation in other Club Properties, no re locations are available for Club Members occupying a Club Property infested with bed bugs until the Club has confirmed that treatments have completely eradicated said infestation.
20.6 For pre-existing cases, Club Members moving to new properties have 7 days from their move in day to report any problems related to pests. If no report is made during the first 7 days the case will not be treated as pre-existing."

21.0 Gardening

21.1 Club Members are responsible for keeping gardens and patios clean and tidy at all times. When access to the patio and gardens is available to all Club Members of the Club Property, the responsibilities fall on all Club Members in equal parts. In cases where access to the garden and patio is available to only one Club Member of the Club Property, all responsibilities for the condition of the spaces fall on said Club Member.
21.2 Club Management will provide a gardening services 3 times per year. Firstly in June, followed by August and lastly in December.

22.0 Internet

22.1 Wireless broadband internet will be provided at all Club properties at no additional costs to the Club Member.
22.2 In the case of broadband internet issues, Club Management will use reasonable endeavours to restore broadband connectivity accordingly.
22.3 The Club may require Club Members to contact the internet provider from the Club Properties phone line to run a test and identify the fault. If Club Members are unable to cooperate, the Club will send a Property Manager to the Club Property and a charge of £45 will be applied and split amongst all Club Members residing at the Club Property.
22.4 Newly managed Club Properties will require a waiting period of 4-6 weeks for workers to set up wireless broadband internet.
22.5 Club Members are not allowed to download or share online copyrighted material. The Club Management will not take any responsibility for any restrictions applied by the provider or copyright holder.

23.0 Utilities and Council Tax

23.1 Council tax and water rates are inclusive in the price of the Club Property and no additional charges apply.
23.2 Gas and electricity services will be provided using a top-up system. In Club Properties without a top-up system, they will be installed by the provider at the earliest opportunity.
23.3 All utility and top-up payments that are due shall be divided equally between all Club Members for the period in which the charge has been applied.
23.4 Club Members are fully responsible to keep the Club Property with gas and electricity topped up at all times. Failure to do so will be considered a Gross Breach to the Membership Agreement.
23.5 Club Members are required to keep all receipts of gas/electricity top ups. Upon any request by Club Management, they must provide photographs of the receipts. If there is any dispute in regards to a Club Member not topping up appropriately, Club Management will assess which Club Members have send evidence and if a Club Member cannot provide any evidence they will be charged the proportional sum and a penalty charge for the Club Management call out.

24.0 Third Parties

24.1 Club Members acknowledge that third parties such as internet providers, neighbours, councils, building managers etc. are not always as reliable in the resolution of issues and although the Club Management will use all its endeavours to resolve issues quickly, the Club has no control over third parties' process, timings and/or negligence. The Club will not take further responsibility in compensating Club Members for any delays on issues involving third parties.

25.0 Pets

25.1 Club Members and their guests are not permitted to bring animals to the Club Properties without Club Management's prior written authorization. Failure to comply with this clause constitutes a Gross Breach to the Membership Agreement.

26.0 Security

26.1 Club Members shall not, in any circumstances, provide any third party (with the exception of emergency services such as police, firemen or paramedics) with access to the Club Property, nor shall Club Members disclose any information related to their Membership Agreement, housemates or personal information with any third party.
26.2 Club Members shall refer all third parties that arrive at the Club Property uninvited to the Club Management.
26.3 Club Members should always avoid opening mail directed to any person other than themselves. Opening mail not directed to you is considered an offense under English law and will be taken seriously. Failure to comply with this clause is a Gross Breach to the Membership Agreement.
26.4 Collection of any unopened mail will be made once a month by the Club Management. If there is any important or suspicious looking mail or post directed to a Club Member, please report it to the Club Management.
26.5 Lost keys must be reported immediately to the Club Management. The Club Management will charge £10 for a copy of normal keys and £50 for security and fob keys.
26.6 Club Members shall not provide duplicate copies of keys to any Third Party. Failure to comply with this provision will result in a Gross Breach to the Membership Agreement and may lead to termination.

27.0 Guests

27.1 Club Members shall not have more than 1 guest overnight for a maximum of 5 nights per month without written authorisation of the Club Management.
27.2 Guests staying more than 5 nights per month must register, and be approved in writing, by the Club Management. The Club Management will not withhold authorisation unreasonably. There will be a proportional charge, equal to 200% of the daily contribution fee paid, applied each day exceeding the 5 days per month quota. Failure to comply with this clause is a Gross Breach to the Membership Agreement and may lead to termination.

28.0 Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs use

28.1 Smoking is strictly prohibited within the premises of the Club Property, including all indoor communal areas.
28.2 Club Members are permitted to smoke in gardens and terraces at the Club Property, provided that they use an ashtray (at the expense of the Club Member) and dispose of all waste regularly in suitable bins. Smoking inside the Club Property constitutes a Gross Breach to the Membership Agreement which shall carry a charge of £100 and may lead to termination
28.3 In the case the Gross Breach cannot be attributed to a specific Club Member, all Club Members will be charged in equal parts for repairs and cleaning costs deemed necessary to remove odours.
28.4 Following health and safety regulations and in the interest of the safety of all Club Members, Club Members should not undertake excessive alcohol intake.
28.5 Club Members must not consume any illegal substances in the Club Property. Club Management shall immediately terminate the Club Membership of any Club Member who is in breach of this clause and report that Club Member directly to the police.

29.0 Assignment

29.1 The benefit and rights of Club Membership rest exclusively with each Club Member and cannot be assigned or transferred to another person in any way. All forms of alienation are strictly prohibited.

30.0 Expiration and Termination

30.1 Prior to expiration:
30.1.1 30 days before Club Membership expiration, the Club Member should provide written notice, through the platform, outlining their wish to renew or terminate their Club Membership. Otherwise, the Membership will be automatically renewed for a period of 1 month incurring a late renewal fee of £100 in the process.
30.1.2 Should the Club Membership reach expiration and provided that the Club Member has not engaged in any Gross Breach, the Club will buy back the Club Membership at the same price it was originally purchased by the Club Member. The repurchase funds will be transferred to the Club Member within 7 working days of check out.
30.1.3 If any monies are due to Club Members upon check out, they will have a 30 day period to provide all necessary information to the Club Management. Should Club Members fail to provide these details they will forfeit all monies due.
30.2 On early termination:
30.2.1 Club Members have the right to cancel their Club Membership at any point by providing notice to the Club Management 30 days prior to the date they would like to cancel their Club Membership.
30.2.2 The Club shall repurchase the Club Membership of all Club Members, who comply with the Membership Agreement terms, for 50% of the total Club Membership fee. In cases of discounted Club Membership fees, the repurchased amount will be 25% providing no breaches have occurred.
30.2.3 Club Management reserves the right to accept a reduced notice with a minimum of 7 days notice and an administration fee of £100.
30.2.4 Club Members who have had their Club Memberships terminated before expiration remain subject to the same maintenance and administrative costs that apply when Club Memberships runs out naturally.
30.3 Failure to pay or Abandonment
30.3.1 Club Management shall issue a Termination Notice when any Club Member does not meet their Payment Obligations by the 7th day after such payments are due.
30.3.2 Club Management shall terminate the Club Membership of any Club Member who does not meet their Payment Obligations at any time within 48 hours after that Club Member has received a Termination Notice in accordance with this clause, this termination will take immediate effect.
30.3.3 The Club Management reserves the right to terminate a Club Membership after a Gross Breach or abandonment.
30.4 On Gross Breach termination
30.4.1 Club Management shall terminate any Club Membership following a Gross Breach or a set of breaches by the Club Member. Termination shall be decided at the sole discretion of the Club.
30.4.2 Should Club Management terminate a Club Membership following a Gross Breach, and in order to protect the safety and well being of other Club Members and the Club Property, the Club Management reserves the right to remove the Club Member's belongings from the Club Property and refuse admission to any of the Club Properties without prior notice being given.
30.4.3 Should Club Management terminate the license of any Club Member pursuant to a Gross Breach, the Club Member will not be entitled to any repurchase of their Club Membership. The Club Membership will be cancelled and the value will be £0.
30.5 Recovery of belongings and post termination accommodation
30.5.1 In case of abandonment or after Club Membership termination, the Club Member agrees that Club Management can remove the Club Member's belongings from the Club Property and store said belongings in a secured storage facility for a period of 7 days at Clubs expense.
30.5.2 Club Members should contact the storage facility to collect their belongings during that period. To extend their storage they will have to pay further fees directly to the storage facility. Failure to do so will result in the storage facility disposing of the Club Member's items.
30.5.3 To safeguard the Club Members post termination without notice, the Club will provide 7 days stay at a hostel accommodation in London

31.0 General Rules

- Club Management does not authorise Club Members to run any type of business from the Club Property, such as renting, subletting, selling Club Property.
- Neither the Club, nor Club Management accept any responsibility for any personal items that are lost,
damaged, or stolen within the Club Property. Club Members are responsible of taking care of their own personal belongings.
- No agreements between Club Members, agents, Club Management, contractors or any other third party will be valid except where it has been expressly approved in writing by the Club Management.
- Club Management remains the right to refer any matter of non-fulfilment of payment obligations to debt recovery agents at its own discretion.
- Club Members must inform Club Management via e-mail of any period when they will be out of the Club Property for 7 or more consecutive nights.
- Club Members should arrange that any Payment Obligations which fall during holidays or travel periods should be arranged in advance in order to avoid breaches and any potential for termination.
- Club Members shall not redecorate or make any alterations to the Club Property without prior authorisation from the Club Management.

32.0 Variation

32.1 Club Management reserves the right to make any variation to the provisions of the Membership Agreement that they consider reasonable regarding the management and maintenance of the Club Property.
32.2 Club Management shall inform Club Members of any changes to this Membership Agreement via e-mail 30 days before the change/s take effect. No variation shall take effect before the 30 days.

33.0 Warranty Excluded

33.1 The Club gives no warranty that Club Properties are legally or physically fit for the purposes of this Club Membership.

34.0 Severability

34.1 Where any part of this Membership Agreement is held to be invalid, it shall be severed and all of the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

35.0 Entire Membership Agreement

35.1 Club Members and Club Management attest that this Membership Agreement represents the entire Membership Agreement between both parties. No other agreement or conversation was relied on when both parties entered into this Membership Agreement and the only remedies for breaches to this contract are contained within it.

36.0 Continuing Obligations

36.1 Each Club Member's outstanding Payment Obligations will continue after the Club Membership and this Membership Agreement have expired.

37.0 Indemnity

8.1 Club Members will indemnify the Club against all losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs, expenses and other liability that arises from any Club Membership or breach of that same Club Membership.

The Club and the Club Management will not correspond or communicate with anyone on your behalf. If your level of English or your understanding of the language is not at a sufficient level to understand this Membership Agreement, please do not sign this Membership Agreement.

I hereby certify that I am 18 years or older and by signing below I agree to receive the Club's monthly newsletter through Facebook, WhatsApp or via email so I am up to date with information about Club news, discounts and advantages. I declare that I have read, understood and accepted the terms of this Membership Agreement.
I confirm I have made the decision to take the room without attending a viewing.
I agree that I will move into the Club Property on the specified date in this Membership Agreement and no claims due to a check in at a later stage thereafter will be taken into consideration.

We are updating our Privacy policy in light of the European General Data Protection regulation due to take effect on the 25th of May 2018. Any previous terms are now replaced by these new data protection updates. For details check the link here.
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